Privacy policy

How does Photos d’identité use Customer Information?

Our primary goal in collecting your Customer Information is to provide you with an effective experience on the Photos d’identité App. Here are the ways we use Customer Information to enhance this experience: Customer Communication: We use Customer Information to communicate with you and we consider this communication to be an integral part of the Photos d’identité service. We use your email and mailing address to inform you of order status that may be of interest to you. Customer Satisfaction: We use Customer Information to make your Photos d’identité experience enjoyable.

With whom does Photos d’identité share Customer Information?

Photos d’identité shares Customer Information with third party intermediaries (for example, PayPal, photo processing labs, etc.) who help us run the Photos d’identité Service and App. Your Customer Information is provided to these third parties solely for the purpose of providing you the services you request at the time that you request them. Third party intermediaries do not store, retain, access or otherwise use your Customer Information other than as necessary to provide you with the Photos d’identité service. Other than as described in the previous paragraphs, Photos d’identité will not sell, rent or otherwise share Customer Information with a third party without your knowledge and consent. If you do not want your Customer Information shared at that time you will always have the option of telling us not to share it. Advertisers on Photos d’identité do not have access to your individual account information. Advertisers simply give us an ad and tell us the type of audience they want to reach (for example, digital camera users). Photos d’identité then displays the ad only to users who meet those criteria. The one exception to the rule described in this section is the following: if Photos d’identité is required by law (or to protect its rights or property), we will disclose Customer Information to the extent so required. Your picture is symatically destroyed after 6 months from the payment.

Who sees your photos after they have been uploaded?

Only you and Photos d’identité employees or employees of partner companies that provide services to Photos d’identité may see your photos while they are printed. In addition, your photos or personal account information may be seen by Photos d’identité employees in order to evaluate, validate, or correct problems with your account.

(GDPR) General Data Protection Regulation For our in compliance with the RGPD, Smartphone iD gives the right to its users to request the removal of all their data from the site in the contact section by a click. Passwords are automatically encrypted on our secure servers and can not be known by anyone. The data collected does not identify a user simply and our databases are anonymized. Only an order number paid by credit card allows you to associate an account with this order.

We do everything to respect and regularly implement the General Data Protection Regulation

If you want your data about you to be leaked, send us an email contact@smartphone- Attach to your email a copy of your ID.